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Salaam ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullah!

Peace be with you,

In order to help you all be true students of the Arabic Language, I have written a few recommendations here to help you get started on my lessons:

1. You should get a notebook! Devote it entirely to Arabic and make sure you take notes from the videos. An alternative is to use a word processor like Microsoft Word, but you’ll have to know how to type Arabic to use it effectively.

2. Practice writing. If you’re already familiar with the alphabet and how to read the language, then pick up a pen and write. Writing Arabic is an art in an of itself and can be extremely enjoyable once studied and practiced in depth. One good way to practice connecting the letters is to simply obtain a text in Arabic and copy it. I wouldn’t start with the Quran itself as the text in there is written slightly differently then what is normal. One good text to start with is “Stories of the Prophets for children” here: http://tmr123.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/man-kasara-al-asnaam-v2.pdf

3. Discipline. Set out time throughout your week just for the study of Arabic. Each of my videos will come with supplementary material for you to read and research as you are able. So make as much time as you can and stay committed! The hardest part is not the language- but our own patience with it! A great saying of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was: “The best of deeds are those that are continuous, even if they are small.”

4. Got dictionary? I prefer using digital versions of dictionaries whenever I can because I find it faster. But in some cases, nothing beats having the physical version. See the “books” page from the menu above for more information.

5. Subscribe from the top right to make sure you are notified the SECOND a new video comes out!

6. Exercises. No not the physical kind. Below each video there should be a link to exercises. These are extremely important to ensure that you have understood the video properly. It is HIGHLY recommended you complete them and ask any questions you may have. Adam as well as our Arabic Coaches and fellow students will be happy to help you as soon as possible. Note: the exercises are being worked on as we speak, – check the facebook page for updates as they come along.

7. Begin with lesson 1.

19 Responses to “Recommendations”

  1. Muhammad Ameen says:

    Masha Allah. May Allah reward your efforts.
    Anxiously waiting for your first lesson.
    Was Salaam

    Akhookum Fillah,
    Muhammad Ameen

  2. hani says:

    Awesome site mA! love this!

  3. elmedin says:

    Subhanallah, Can’t wait for the next video. Thanks for following me on twitter, it is as if you had known what i need…

  4. What a wonderful site! So much effort for others to access the beauty of Qur’an. I am travelling to Palestine for 2 months next year. Your efforts will make a huge difference to the impact I can have by being able to communicate with children there. JazakAllah <3

  5. Louise O'Brien says:

    Really easy to use! What an amazing resource…. I can listen as many times as I need without making a fool of myself in class! Perfect! Thanks Adam.

  6. Saba says:

    Salaams! I think I’ve become addicted to this site! the videos I’ve watched so far are so clear and simple to follow!
    I’ve posted a link on a few Facebook pages and have let my friends know. Jazak Allah Khair Adam for what is already proving to be an invaluable site! :)

  7. Umm Nurudin says:

    Salaamu alaikum Bros & sstrs
    May Allaah,swt, bless the brother who thought of putting this together for the benefit of people like me. Although, I have only watched the first video, I am already imagining myself speaking ‘arabic! I have made several attempts to learn this language.
    Jazakumullaahu khairan for all those involved in putting it together.
    Umm Nurudin

  8. refik says:

    salam adam

  9. Mrs Atiya Rajbee says:

    I have just started to learn Arabic and found your site. This is so helpful and I am looking forward to refer to it often. Thank you

  10. Arshiya Mohammed says:

    please can u finish uploading the rest of the lessons, really good videos. can’t wait. Jzk.

  11. Mashaallah this is an amazing site. Please keep up.

    All the best.

  12. alhamdulillah,very good.only allah swt can reward you,ameen

  13. Ishfaq hussain says:

    Assalam oalaikum, Sheikh Adam. I am new to Arabic in that I have never written or understood the language except from written translations. Unfortunately these are often difficult to understand. I thank you for giving me and countless others this opportunity to learn the beautiful language of The Quran. In sha Allah I will stick with the program. May Allah swt bless you and reward you for your endeavours.

  14. Dr Tariq Yusuf Rajbee says:

    So precise and logical, going to be popular, Insha Allah.

  15. Farah says:

    So happy to have found this site. Allah reward you richly and facilitate for me to learn arabic by you!

  16. talat says:

    pl add pronouns been waiting for a long time

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